Dear Other

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Dear Other recently released their first EP, "The Exitus and Reditus of Andrew Darkstar Parrish," and are currently working on their first fll-length album. In the interim, they wrote and recorded the soundtrack for a children's musical: "The Incredible and Death-defying Expedition to Planet X," to be released this Fall.

Marc is on vocals and guitar, Rob on guitar, Brodie on bass, Caleb plays keybord, Biggs the drums, and Maura on vocals. "It's confusing. It's fascinating. It's well worth the listen" says Dappled Things Magazine. Dear Other is a challenge to pin on the musical map - there's a baseline of jangly guitar and some prog-y song structures, but laced with an Americana twang reminiscent of someone like Josh Ritter. Dear Other will begin recording their first full-length album, and are currently working on another musical, entitled "The Terrible Time Machine of Elosie Mortfellow."

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