Kevin Heider

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“Some songs are conceived and born quickly. And some of those songs, like ‘Yesterday,’ are game changers. But other times, you’ve just got to work and work and work. You’ve got to sculpt the songs into the little pieces of perfection that you are absolutely positive they are meant to be. That’s exactly what it would seem Kevin Heider has done with his ambitious double-album, The Spark…It’s an album that really couldn’t be born outside of the American experience.” (, 8/28/13)

As a songwriter, it has been said that Kevin Heider’s form follows his substance. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Kevin’s unique and malleable indie-folk/rock sound is coupled with a lyrical form that explores – from the heights to the depths – what it means to be human. And he is self-taught on every instrument he plays. In July of 2008, Kevin was personally selected by Ingrid Michaelson as the winner of Gibson’s The Way I Am Contest on, a victory which encouraged him to pursue music full time.

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