The Collection

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The Collection is not just a bunch of musicians playing music, but a community of artists, nurses, farmers, students, and everyone in between doing life together. The majority of the members live in the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina, and invest intentionally in relationships with their neighbors in hopes of bettering the area as a family.

"We don’t want fans, we want family," admits David Wimbish, passionately. "It’s incredible to us that people would even listen to our music, and it’s so much more important for us to connect with those people than to figure out how to get fans." The final product of "Ars Moriendi" may be described as a pure expression of the Collection, a sound and message that embodies the band's character through and through. David and his team have poured their all into this project, and the outcome of their hearts on the line is more than a sellable product - it is beauty.

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